Gujarat Election Results 2017

Cut up the Gujarat comes about along rustic urban tomahawks, saved and open seats or by locales, and the seat counts would pass on the feeling that there are sharp contrasts in the way unique parts or areas of the state voted. However, take a gander at the vote shares and a to some degree astonishing example rises. Over these partitions, the BJP’s vote share is higher than that of the Congress.

gujarat election resultsThis is valid for each locale, it is valid for the country/rurban/urban classes and whether it is SC or ST held seats or open seats. Obviously, the hole between the vote offers of the two gatherings would vary in each of these cases, yet in each one of them Congress is behind BJP.

That is a significant amazement given the seat shares where, for example, Congress hosts trounced the decision gathering in the rustic territories. Without a doubt, for the state all in all BJP’s vote offer of 49.1% in these surveys is a slight change over the 47.9% it accomplished in 2012 however a tremendous reversal if one somehow managed to contrast it and the 59.1% offer it got in the 2014 Lok Sabha surveys.

Congress excessively enhanced its vote share from 38.9% five years back to 41.4% this time.

In any case, that still implied it was almost 8 rate focuses behind BJP, just a barely littler lead in votes than in 2012. In a bipolar race, a hole of that greatness ought to regularly bring about a genuinely enormous win for the main party, as in truth happened last time.

However, this time round, the battle turned out to be distressingly close for BJP, which completed only seven seats over the greater part check. What clarifies this powerlessness of BJP to change over its lead in votes into a more sizeable lead in seats?

One clear reason was that quite a bit of this vote share originated from working up colossal wins in the urban communities. In the 33 urban seats it won, its normal winning edge was around 47,400.

So also, it won its rurban situates by edges of more than 26,000 votes by and large. Great as those wins were, it was a case of an excess of votes not by any means adding to seats.