Complete Guide of Surat Escorts

Surat EscortsBecoming an escort is not an easy thing, as you might think at first: Escorting is not a job like the others. Depending on the personality of each person working as Surat escorts can give you so much satisfaction or be a totally negative experience. You have to have a firm belief in your goal if you want to become a professional Surat escorts and if you want to do this job for a long time.
The first thing to do is wonder if you really want to embark on such a particular profession: are you sure you want to be paid to do somebody’s companion? How will you live your private relationships with your partner, with your family and with your friends? And ask yourself what is the reason for your choice: are you trying to become an escort because you like the idea or why do you need money?
The merits of such a job are obvious: flexible working hours and huge gains. However, there are also the negative aspects that are equally easily identifiable: people cannot be chosen on the basis of personal tastes and requests may also go against our tendencies.
One thing to not underestimate is the self-care component that needs to be put in place: not only from the aesthetic point of view but also from the medical point of view. In fact, it is necessary to put the same cure as it is used in the appearance of a sexy body, which is inevitably more exposed than normal to sexually transmitted diseases.
It is also necessary to clearly separate the working life from the private one and never mix the two things.
Before starting this job, first ask yourself whether you are really ready for it. It is very difficult to offer to strangers so that it is physically but also mentally. Tell yourself that not all clients are handsome and wealthy young men, most are respectful but a minority of men are not respectful. So prepare yourself mentally to face all kinds of situations.
To make several possibilities
The photos: an ad without photos will receive almost no response. In addition tried to the maximum to put pictures of quality and recent. There is no point in putting pictures dating back ten years, the customers arriving in front of you will be frustrated, and some will leave directly.
Your practices: I will come back later on this page, but it is clear that a girl who announces some practices such as oral sex, prostate massage, GFE (girlfriend experience) will be more easily noticed.
Meeting places: Many Surat call girls offer appointments at the hotel or at the client’s home. Few girls offer appointments in their own apartments and yet this has a lot of advantages. Indeed many customers are married or in a relationship and cannot receive at home.
Prices: it is obvious that your rates must be more or less equivalent to those of other surat call girls in your area, a little tour on the internet will help you. Some girls take the bet to charge higher rates and that to have an easier clientele.
It is not advisable to invest in a totally autonomous way, at least in the beginning: it is a profession that still entails a certain risk and relying on an agency that also offers consolidated security procedures could help you in the early days of your business.